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Beatles Unplugged by The Bits Beatles tribute

The "unplugged" way of presenting music is not only unique because both the musicians and their instruments are released from the amplifiers and all the electric stuff, but due to the new acoustic touch not only the sound but also the tracks come along in a new interpreting, very often with new grooves, structure or timing. Unplugged is also a unique way to bring the musicians and the audience closer in space with lot more communication and a familiar atmosphere.

Beatles Unplugged mit The BitsMTV Unplugged! Sounds very familiar? November 26th, 1989 was the historic date when MTV kicked off with it's brand new series, MTV Unplugged. MTV created a massive footprint that opened new dimensions in music, it was the revolutionary step that brought back both the musicians and their instruments to their roots of original sound.

Sir Paul McCartney was one of the very first musicians (besides him Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Nirvana and many more have performed) who starred in the MTV Unplugged series in 1991. Paul and his band presented a unique selection of fine tracks, in a rare and new all acoustic version, it was a night to remember.

The Bits are proud to be sponsored by the manufacturers of Paul McCartney's legendary violin bass Höfner Guitars.

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