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Beatles DrumsWho hasn't heard of The Beatles? The band that wrote itself to history in the '60s moreover to history books alone overtaking many others and radically changed pop music and pop culture. Who wouldn't know the forever-green Beatles songs like She Loves You, Yesterday, Let it be or Hey Jude?

Beatles DrumsThe Bits (European Beatles Supergroup) - Beatles tribute band has the purpose to play these Beatles songs live on stage sticking to the original English lyrics and the sound, vocals and feeling hence recreating the '60s Beatles feeling. Why Supergroup? The four musicians are all well known from the anglo-saxon rock and blues life who have already successfully performed on Western European stages as well as overseas in America. The members are all well experienced, humble and not to mention Beatles-lovers which is a guarantee for a professional performance hence the excellent concert atmosphere which can be a memorable moment for the people listening to their music performed live giving tribute to the Beatles.

The Bits are proud to be sponsored by the manufacturers of Paul McCartney's legendary violin bass Höfner Guitars.

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