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Our shows

The Bits created a quality live performance within months which includes popular songs such as I Wanna hold your hand, Hey Jude, Can’t buy me love as well as rarities (as the bands call it rare bits) which couldn’t be heard from the Beatles during their live performances like Hey bulldog or I’m the walrus. This show is accompanied with instruments summoning the sixties reviving the original sound hence satisfying the people who only know the number one hits and those who are longing something juicy and rare. This show can be from 45 minutes to 3 x 45 minutes depending on requirements. Recommended show length is 90-100 minutes.

Special Shows

A Hard Day's Night LIVE

For especially the year 2014 The Bits created a special live performance titled A Hard Day's Night LIVE celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of the A Hard Day's Night LP. During this show The Bits play each and every song which can be heard on the album in the right order just how everybody can listen to it on the record player. The only twist here that there wasn't any opportunity to watch this in 1964 because The Beatles haven't played this on stage but now it’s possible to watch and enjoy it from The Bits.

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Beatles Unplugged

For venues where are certain restrictions (loudness, stage limitations), or explicit preference The Bits created their acoustic performance titled Beatles Unplugged which is Beatles music in soft, acoustic adaptation. It’s recommended as background music for smaller or bigger dinners and similar events as well as smaller gatherings where party feeling is just as important as it is in bigger and louder places.

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